WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A DC business is doing so well it’s revenue has increased 25 percent each year since opening in 2016.

They see at least a thousand clients a month.

And this Working Woman has created this success story out of eyelashes.

Growing up, Josie Philippe and her four sisters loved beauty.

Every Saturday they would wake up early to do their makeup and hair or go shopping for makeup and hair so it came naturally to her.

She started her career as a receptionist at a salon, but knew she wanted to start her own business.

Then in 2015 she latched on to lashes, a trend that was picking up speed with celebrities enhancing their eyelashes.

In 2016, Philippe opened the DC Lash Bar in Georgetown. She now has 21 employees and hundreds of clients. While raising three children ages 5, 3, and 1.

Neighborhood Retail Group represented the tenant.