To say that the owner Jennifer had a ‘knack for desserts’ would be an understatement. She started baking at home as a hobby and would sell treats from her desk at her day job. It was to the point where she was taking pre-orders for the next day and her bosses approving of her leaves for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

“I knew it was time to open a bakery when I found that where ever I went, people were looking for my desserts. It got to the point that I brought treats whenever I went out! When the news got out that I was resigning to focus on Sugar Vault, the orders doubled, then tripled.” – Jennifer

She started out a one-woman operation out of her home in College Park, but quickly went to renting kitchen space for larger orders. During the holidays, she’d recruit friends and family to assist in the orders and delivery. After a season or two of this, Jennifer finally felt ready to make the big move to brick and mortar.

Finding the perfect location for Sugar Vault took almost a year with it narrowing down to two choice locations; College Park and Hyattsville.

“I chose Hyattsville because it’s close to home and I wanted to stay within my community. The Art District offers that young professional, upbeat, city and family environment that I wanted.”

Sometimes pictures are far better than words. Let’s just say that this was one of the sweetest clients we’ve had so far. It goes to show that some things are worth the wait.



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